Things I love:

  • My son (at age 9) still RUNNING up to hug me, screaming MaMa! as he leaps into my arms every day after school.
  • Holding hands with my husband
  • Being able to rely on my Dad when something goes wrong
  • Sees candy Marzipan
  • Nancy's homemade Lasagna
  • Movies that you love so much you enjoy watching them 5 times while you share with people you love.
  • The field next to my house because Chris can go out and play and feel independent even though I can see him at all times.
  • The feeling of rollerskating at a steady pace on a smooth surface

    Things I hate:
  • My body hurting as my son runs into my arms
  • The "extra" 20 pounds I've put on in the past 8 years (blame it on Marzipan and lasagna)
  • The day before surgery, when you worry you aren't ready emotionally or physically. Still trying to (over) prepare by doing too much.
  • Not being able to rely on my Dad for every day things.
  • 1 ply toilet paper
  • The field next to my house with the power lines running through it because supposedly the power lines cause cancer and people walk their dog in the field and don't pick up the poop.
  • Not being able to skate because of the metal in my body
  • Incompetent people in service oriented positions.
  • Metal in my body: