May 6th

I love to leave art on friend's sidewalks or driveways. I always keep chalk in my car- just in case the need arises.

Today is the anniversary of my Mother's death. I miss her a lot. When I look at my hands, I think of her, I have her hands. I have her rings. I don't have her hand to hold. My hands make chalk art for people I love, like my friend Doreen who was born on this day. So today I will celebrate my mother's life, and I will celebrate Doreen's life, and I will celebrate my own life.
Fun is Good


I chalk tagged my friend's house today.
A heart with wings heading to the stars to symbolise her late husband.
3 flowers blooming beautiful tied together with a bow symbolizing the family he left behind.

A year ago today a wonderful friend of mine died. His smile is in my mind. His family's tears are in my heart.

We miss you Doug.