Toy Tagging Day 1

I live next to the power lines. Rumor has it that they cause cancer. I don't know about that, I think the black mold on my decaying floor will hurt us sooner. There are some good things about living next to the power lines. One being that it provides us with a big empty field to play soccer or throw baseballs or watch the cat chase critters. Now they put this bike path in, which is a great thing for skating and radio control cars.

Recently my boy had to clean his room, and there were toys he was no longer playing with that weren't necessarily good enough to give to charity but we didn't want to dump them in the trash either. We decided to go "toy tagging" down the bike path. Toy tagging is fun- little kids who pay attention to detail and are low to the ground find the toys and get all HAPPY! We've watched them from our bedroom window- like toy tag spies.

Going for walks at night and hiding toys around the neighborhood is so much fun with a 9 year old boy. We giggle. We dash from hiding spot to hiding spot. We look the next day to see if the toys are still there. Good Clean Fun!
Can you see the toy on the pole?

It's Hans Solo!

What about the friend in the tall grass?

It's a "Happy Meal" frog!
More toy tag blogs to follow soon. We're not done yet.

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