Little big man

This is my little boy- being a big boy- comforting me in the hospital. He has been amazing- very nurturing, doing all he can and reminding me that I have to sit and heal- so I don't get scar tissue in the area that was operated on. He tells me: Mom- I still have scar tissue from skating lances pool on my leg- you don't want it to be like that! Well, he did have a terrible "goose egg" on his shin from skating that day:

My boys- they are taking such good care of me. Even Duke learned how to french braid my hair for me- because I can't wash it and felt dirty and gross. See that french braid in the photo above- Duke did it himself.

And my friends- so sweet. People bringing food and picking up my boy for school and bringing him home. Friends loaning me movies and keeping me company on the phone and praying for me.

This is the week I usually mess things up- when I feel just a little bit better but a whole lot more guilty about making my boys do everything for me. I sit on the couch and learn more about nothing while I ask Duke to wash some clothes and ask Chris to bring me an icepack. They don't mind, but I do.
I'm going to be a good girl and sit- just like Chris told me to- so I don't get scar tissue. So soon I can take care of them.

Thanks to all who have helped me.

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heidi_starr11 said...

YAY!!! I can't believe you're sitting still. Good job boys!

Miss you!