Little Shiney Things

Chris loves little shiney things and has a bunch of them.
Sometimes we need to share them with the world so we put some in a bag
and take them to the schoolyard and throw them on the grass.
When the children go to school the next day, they find them as they play on the grass, and pretty soon it's like a glass easter egg hunt for them during recess. I like to drive by and watch all the kids get excited as they find shiney little things on the lawn.
I love the acts of kindness that are random and shiney!


Flo said...

You are SO wonderfully fluffy and Shiny KP! I love you!

Flo said...

You are so AWESOME and SHINY! Thank you for spreading your joy!! I love you!

Anonymous said...

That is the cutest thing i have ever heard, and your secret is safe with me. In my class they call them "crystals".... such a sweet idea.

thank you for making school just a little bit better!

-Madison School Teacher