Art Saves Lives so do Friends

This is Chalk art that I made about 15 years ago. It says "Art SAves Lives" which is a phrase I have tattooed on my body.

I often stamp my dollar bills with rubber stamps that I've had made- One of the stamps says "Art Saves Lives". For a while I misplaced the stamp and would search for it from time to time, when I found it I sent my friend a text message that said "I found my Art Saves Lives stamp." He saw this text on his phone when he pulled it out to take a photo of something he saw while driving in Oxnard. This is the photo:

Yep, that's right, it says Art Saves Lives right on the wall!

So then he sent the photo to my phone and continued to drive to the Dr.s office and when he pulled into the parking lot he saw this:

Guess I was on his mind a lot that day- or the world was telling him I should be on his mind or to contact me?

Funny how sometimes we have friendships that glow and grow and then fade and flicker while others are always just there- constant, comforting, continuous and dependable.

I've needed my dependable friends a lot lately. I am thankful for them. During times of trouble it's nice to have friends. I think this week these close friends have probably saved my life.
Friends Save Lives.
Thank You

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