3 Round Trip airplane tickets to Traverce City Michigan- $ 1,900.00
Taxi fare to and from airport- $ 60.00
Having a 4 generation photo for your son's photo album- Priceless.

I was told Grandma never smiles in photos, but I have my ways:

This is the first photo of this kind as well:

Grandma's 3 (out of 5) remaining children,
Her Grandchildren and (2 out of 4) of her Great- Grandchildren.

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Fledgling said...

Yes, priceless.

Did you take a photo of the Galapagos? Or the Gulumpinoids? Or the Glimberwubbies? What IS that Polish delight that is close to extinction (because of pronunciation, I'll argue...) called?

I'm so happy you could make the this trip. And the journey. And the destination.