waiting and NOT sitting

As some of you know, This week I have not been able to sit at the computer, or sit on my couch or sit behind the wheel of my car. Because of that, I have not been able to read fabulous writings by Chuck Palahniuk, or sit and edit wonderful photos from our Michigan vacation, or walk or drive around to commit more not so random acts of kindness.
But I am getting there. Slowly. Painfully. I am almost there.
So, I have to ask you to help. Chalk someones porch or driveway for me today. Leave a toy on a doorstep or banana bread with white chocolate chips on a car hood for me. Do it for someone and you will find that you are doing it for yourself.
I am tired from NOT being able to do these things, I am saddened by it. Being tired and sad makes it harder to heal.
Today my sweet Duke built a mountain of pillows, gave me my pain meds and put his laptop on my lap so I could quickly check emails and do some computer stuff before I have to lay down. So this is my message to you: COMMIT AN UNEXPECTED ACT OF KINDNESS. That, and watch all skin wounds carefully and go to the DR. at the first sign of trouble. Stay away from people when you are sick, even after you feel better and the weather is nice outside. Be good to the world. Even though lately I am surprised at how much bad stuff happens to good people, I still want to be good. Get out there and be good.

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Anonymous said...

Wow Karen, I just read many posts on your Blog. I am touched in many ways. We talk every day and spoken words seem to garble thoughts. Trains of thought get derailed in horrible firery wrecks. We get consumed with the need to put our point across in the short time allotted in the space of a phone call. You have touched on many of the subjects posted in your Blog verbally, but until I read what you had written , in moments of quiet inspiration , I never fully understood the depths of kindness, sorrow , artistic inspiration and random acts of connection to our fellow "Man" that are a basic tenant of your life!! Having noted the above, I also gleen from said written posts and photos ,that these are not entirely naturally borne. You WORK at being a good follow human!! That to bring joy to another, with a random act of kindness, takes work. Work at being outside of ones self. I am going to TOYS "R" US tomorrow to get a fine assortment of colored chalk and fun small toys that are to be "Stranded" and need a good home. Thanks for reminding me that good doesn't just happen, that in a gnarly world that tries to swallow us , we need to perpetuate it. PEACE . Glenn