Acts of kindness that aren't random

As fun as field toy tagging is, we have been having much more fun tagging our friend's houses, and our friends. Recently I was with my friend and her teen daughters and I secretly and discreetly put a toy in the hood of the oldest girl's sweatshirt. When she got in the car and leaned back against the seat, she discovered the toy and didn't know where it came from.. Their Mom tells me that she and her sister are having fun finding and hiding the toy

In spite of my recent sensitivity to incompetence in the world, I am still working every day to perform acts of kindness that aren't random- they are planned:

This guy is the protector of the field....

I am talking about my cat; "Trumin the assassin" he follows us while we toy tag, because he thinks he's a dog. He also protects us from gophers!

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