May 6 2008- Chalk Tagging

My Mother died on May 6th 1992.
Some years on the anniversary of her death, I spend a lot of time crying or feeling sad or reminiscing.

Today instead I celebrated the lives of two women I admire and adore and I chalk tagged their homes.

The first one because it is her birthday and I've been chalking her driveway every birthday for 4 or 5 years and I thought she might be terribly disappointed if she came home to a blank driveway. Plus I like to let her neighbors know it's her birthday too, and what better way than with a chalk mural?

I also tagged my friend's porch, just because I love her and wanted her to know.

I still miss my Mom, but today was a good day. I'm glad she taught me how to have good clean fun!

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Fledgling said...

Are you going to break my heart? I didn't know today was the anniversary.

Peace, remembrance, forgiveness and love.