Kitty Plates

My friend who lives in California like I do, likes to buy kitschy things at thrift shops and such. One day she came home with this amazing artwork- soft fluffy kitty's under glass. It is actually a plate with fuzzy kitties glued on and then covered with another clear class plate except that you couldn't use it because of the gold stuff (is it called brick-a- brack?) covering the under plate and over plate seam. Still, I love the kitty plate and took these photos with my cell phone to share the lovely art with all who would look:

Here is a close up to show the amazing detail:

So, this past week I went to see my 90 year old grandmother in Michigan- she lives in a small town that takes 2 planes and an hour car ride to get to her 60 acres. After bringing my bags down to the basement room where I was staying, I found on the wall ANOTHER KITSCHY KITTY PLATE! I was shocked and amazed. I brought my husband down to look, then my son, then my dad, then my cousin. We all laughed at the improbability of it all. We compared the kitties on the phone with the kitties on the wall. (My grandma says her's are cuter)

How does one woman buy a kitty plate in a thrift shop in Redondo, and another woman buy a kitty plate at a garage sale in Michigan? Where are the other two that would make up the set? I am determined to find them. The family of kitties must all be united! I have now begun the search to get myself a set of kitty plates. It seems to be my destiny. Grandma has one, Nancy has one... What about me and my needs?

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