Things that make me happy

The lyrics that make me really happy when I hear them are:
"And if that ain't enough to make you flip your lid, there's one more thing, I've got the pink slip daddy!"- it's by the Beach Boys, but I'm sure everyone knows that right?

The guitar solo that makes me really happy is
one that starts out attacking and pounding and hitting and smashing and then it gets very subtle and gentle and coaxing. Kind of the opposite of the usual for a guitar solo. It's in one of my favorite songs by my all time favorite bands. The song is called Little Man with a Gun in his hand and the band is The Minutemen. Check it out.

More favorite lyrics are these:
"My parties have all the BIG names and I greet them with the widest smile, tell them how my life is one BIG adventure. Always they're amazed when I show them 'round the house to my bed, I have it made like a mountain range with a snow white pillow for my BIG fat head. And my heaven will be a BIG heaven, and I will walk through the front door." That one's by Peter Gabriel. It's called BIG TIME. I like to scream that some some time to try to convince myself. I'm not a Huge fan of his, but I dig that song, it makes me happy. I think it describes me a bit- I do have a big fat head, and I do have big parties with lots of cool people.

I like when I've had a really bad day that I can try to think of a few things I like and try to share them with people I don't even know.

Check out Keb Mo- he's like that too.

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