Another wonderful thing that makes me happy

I love this hedgehog ribbon!
I mean, I really really LOVE it! I squeal "Hedgehog Hedge Hog!" when I see it. I got it from Nancy, of course, because she was using it on some clever clothes, because she sews things and stuff.(If you look really close, you can see the hedgehogs on the link provided) I think a clever friend of hers actually designed the cute clever hedgehogs. Can you imagine? I would be painting hedgehogs all over my house, tattooing them all over my body- my car would be one big cute hedge hog.

I am truly excited about one of my favorite author's books being made into a movie and coming into the theatre a week from Friday, so I am re- reading the book and using the Hedgehogs as a bookmark! Now I am extra- extra happy. For those of you who know me- that is pretty hard to do.

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