He's a funny guy (My son)

My son and I recently went to a bookstore and he saw this John McCain action figure.

He wanted to buy it and I told him no- he only wanted it because it was the only toy of interest in a store full of books.

The next day Chris earned some money and he asked me to drive him back to the bookstore to buy the doll. I drove, he bought. He wasn't even reluctant to spend his hard earned cash. He unwrapped the "Call to action" figure in the back seat on the way home and started saying "I'm John McCain, and I've approved this message".
I drove and giggled.

Chris took John to a school function that night, then played with him the next morning. We took John McCain to the beach, the market, the coffee shop, for sushi. Chris uses my cell phone to take photos. Kind of like "Flat Stanley" but 3-D. And weirder, like my son.
I will be sharing John with the rest of the world now.

And for the record, I would have happily bought an Obama doll, but they were sold out.

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