The Presidential Inauguration

Yippee!! WE have a new president!

I listened on the T.V. whilst prepping chicken for my family's dinner. I felt excited. Then I went to the living room and saw on the screen something that made me worry for our country. I felt embarrassed for our country.

When people who travel all the way to the white house to witness the inauguration- why would they leave trash lying on the ground as they go?

Was I the only one who noticed? (I do have compulsive tendencies when it comes to litter)

Didn’t our new president urge us to take personal stock in our environment? Didn't he just give a speech the other day about- "If there is an empty dirty lot with trash in it and dangerous things- don't sit and wait for someone to clean it up, get off your couch and do it yourself?" So, why, after this historic event, did people just walk away and leave trash on the white house lawn? I witnessed the "presidential trash pickers" and wondered how much WE had to pay them, and do they recycle?

How do we litter the white house lawn while the whole world watches?
I wonder when we can start being all that we see in Obama and less apathetic and entitled Americans?

Well, I will try to suppress my O.C.D. and just feel hopeful for our new beginning here in the U.S.A. It is a historic day!

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