Mud Pie Engineer

I was a mud pie engineer when I was very young. We lived in a home that had a huge yard with very little grass. My Mom let me take the hose down to the far corner of the yard and play in the mud all day.

We had a white dog named Laika and he played in the mud with me too. How lucky was I that my Mom cared more about my ability to amuse myself than the cleanliness of the carpet. How lucky was I that we were kind of poor (compared to our neighbors) so we didn't have the nice things in our house to worry about messing up. I had friends from the neighborhood who would come and mud with me. Their Mom's wouldn't let them do that at homeI have to remember to encourage my son to be more dirty ! Perhaps he can get his master's in Mud Pie Engineering.


Fledgling said...

Hey Dr. Mud! You've been TAGGED. Basically, seven things about yourself and then tag seven other blogsters.

Go fledge for more info. Also, I mentioned you.

Take care, dear K.P.!


webvira said...

I *tried* to get my boys to be dirty and play in the dirt when they were kids and they just wouldn't. I still encourage them to make mistakes and have adventures as often as possible.

My sister's kids have a mud hole in their backyard and her sons are not so fond of girls (yet) except for 2 sisters they call the "dirt girls" who love to play in the mud with them!

Thanks for the stories! I love stories!

- HG