Seven things.

I have enjoyed thinking about this for the last few days. I imagine it will be absolutely impossible to write anything that may be a surprise to anyone because I am such an open book (people are always wishing I would stop revealing so much.. like "Close the book already!")so, let that be number one...

#1- I KNOW I talk too much and reveal too much about myself. I can't help it. (See item #2) I am always trying to find some sort of understanding in this world. (See "How I lost my virginity")

#2 Contrary to what Nancy said about my current hormonal state being like that of a teenager- I think I am just actually coming back into being myself again..I am a fairy. And, as J.M. Barrie explained so eloquently in my favorite story Peter Pan, a fairy is so small, they can only feel one emotion at a time. I have always felt this way. So, when I am saying things like "Gawd, People are such idiots!" I mean it completely, for that one second. I can feel nothing else but that feeling for that moment. And then in the next moment, I am filled with AGAPE or Gratitude for Nancy for teaching me about AGAPE.

#3 Okay, -It was me!. I was the secret flower giver! I love to surprise people and do my best to contact one of my friends every day and try to brighten their world. You may wake up one morning to find a chalk mural on your driveway. Perhaps that is why I have so many happy friends!

#4 I believe that the BEST place to raise your child (Male or Female) is in the skate park. More on that in the future......

#5 I refuse to wear uncomfortable shoes or underwear unless I am having my photo taken in them. I also hate clothes shopping, warehouse (Costco) shopping and most other things that people assume women love. Still, I am very much a girl. I also agree with Marilyn Monroe when she said "I don't care if it's a man's world- as long as I get to be a woman in it.

#6 I watch Malcolm in the Middle because I envy the parents love for each other. I know I should have better role models for happily married couples, but I don't. At least I don't aspire to be like the folks on Married With Children. I am married to my absolute soulmate and we feel lucky for every day we are together.

#7 I wonder where "stars" like Britney Spears or Brad Pitt throw away their undergarments when the elastic wears out? What about their toothbrushes? Is there a Hollywood landfill with armed guards just for the famous?

Okay, now I have to tag some people, but I don't know any "Bloggers" except my dear friend KiKi.....who makes me feel like I have a backstage pass every time I read her writing. Also, Miss Bubbles, who I would love to read more from. If I make more friends out here in cyber space who somehow think I am "self indulgent in a good way" I will add them to this list.

Thank You Nancy the Great for the fun.*

* and just so you know, the stuff about the Doc Martin shoes and the Dying of the cats is comming soon to a webpage near you.


Kiki Maraschino said...

I am too overwhelmed to deal with seven things about myself. Since my blog is about food, I feel like I should confess 7 food sins...

buttmuffen said...

you cannot possibly have the attitude of a teenager if you only have one emotion at a time. I am constantly working with my friends to figure out the multiple frustrating and confusing emotion they have at one time, and occasionally even that " indiscribable" emotion. you're just you :D

Kiki Maraschino said...

I couldn't fit this into the groove of my reviewing blog, so here are my seven secrets just for you.

I will try to at least make them food-related.

1. I am terrible at making pie crust. It is my one failure as a cook. Although I just discovered I may have been using a flawed recipe, so I will try again.

2. Sometimes I go on weird binges where I only want to eat one or two things. One month I ate nothing but BLTs and artichokes. Another time I only wanted to eat white food. Sometimes it is Chinese dumplings. Sometimes it is hot wings. Recently it has been lots and lots of catfish.

3. The first time I made a cake all by myself I couldn't find vegetable oil. I thought, well, olive is a vegetable, right? So I made it with extra-virgin olive oil. It was disgusting. But I was too proud to admit that I made a mistake, so bit by bit over the course of three days I made myself eat the whole thing.

4. When my father died, I knew I had to force myself to eat, but I couldn't. It was not so much loss of appetite, but indecisiveness. I couldn't deal with any kind of decision-making. But I promised myself that no matter how crazy I got, I would eat on schedule. So I would just pull into any drive-through window and order the #4. I never knew what I was getting, but 4 is my lucky number.

5. I make my friends wait to eat until I can take a picture of their food. A few times I have even asked total strangers if I can photograph their food.

6. I want to like oysters and sushi because I think they are sexy and glamorous. I think not liking them exposes my boring, pedestrian hillbilly taste.

7. Sometimes Jonathon Gold makes me want to stab myself in the head. I am sometimes tempted to give up food blogging altogether. He is so poetic I just want to stalk him sometimes...but I don't know if it is to worship him or to throw rotten fruit at his car.