Trying to build a foundation

I am trying to learn how to have a "normal" family life. My body keeps getting in my way. The whole thing reminds me of a quote by Marilyn Monroe-
"My work is the only ground I have to stand on.
I seem to have a whole superstructure with no foundation.
But I am working on the foundation."

I will do my best to write my thoughts without making them sound like complaints. This will be easier when I regain the ability to use my right hand without pain.

Pain in inevitable, suffering is optional.

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Fledgling said...


This is a great idea for your to get your writing muscles limber. You have a lot to say. And don't deny us your photography.

I see you've chosen black for your template: I think you are my evil twin. And I mean "evil" in a nice way.

I will remember that: "Suffering is a choice". Nonetheless, I wish you much less pain anyway.