What makes a K.P.Ness?

I have lots of friends. I collect them. I have an amazing collection of friends. My collection is the best in the South Bay- possibly the best in the State! Every year I have a birthday party and every year it gets bigger. I let only the best come in but no one gets out. Becoming my friend is like joining the mafia- you can't un-do it. Like a gang-very few get out without dying.
My friend Nancy the Great made me this shirt for my birthday one year. (Yes, those are fake apples on my vines)
Even though I don't remember telling Nancy that I was a fairy, she knew. Nancy is a friend that I admire deeply. She is so smart and witty and worldly- Sometimes when Duke and I are not sure what to do in a situation, we ask ourselves -W.W.N.D.? - you know, What Would Nancy Do? Nancy always makes me feel loved.
So, recently what Nancy would do is write a blog- and I wanted to read her blog, and she let me! Then I wanted to comment on her blog and I couldn't without starting my own blog.... so I did- that's what Nancy would do. But I'm not sure what to write about. I write about my friends and how they changed my life, how they saved my life, how they give me life. I don't know if that's the same thing as writing about my life.I like this photo of me-my super cool friend KXF took this shot and I think she may have known that it told a story of me, to me. This shot is cool not only because the sun is shining through my hair real nice but because I am wearing a loud print moo moo with thermal underwear underneath and wings on top and my face is darkened and scarred from "the mask of pregnancy" but I am smiling so big because I had just come out of the darkest period of my life- like a cocoon and the sun was finally shining on me and my wings had been spread and I was about to soar.
All hail the friends of Miss K.P.-Ness! My friends, I'm convinced, are what make me me.

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Fledgling said...

Karen, I'm so touched. Remember our little boys zooming around at the skate park looking like rolling mushrooms in their big helmets? They clicked. We clicked. You guys even got ol' C.S. to go to a skate park like one of the cool kids.

Somehow, I think you must have known the horizon was brighter. The dark chapters are part of you. And made you stronger.

Stay strong.