Mom's gone wild

My friend Angie is in love with Dave Wakeling, and My friends Rodge and Danielle, who own Re-Style know him, so I thought we should all get together at a Dave Wakeling show and make all Angie's dreams come true.
Duke and I got to the Malibu Inn at 8:30- too early to be at a show, but too late to be at home for fear of falling to sleep. When did I get so old anyway? Even though our tickets said 8:00- they wouldn't let us in to the club so Duke and I went next store to Jack in the Box to get some coffee.
The gum is for after the coffee. The sponge is because Duke promised Angie he would bring one for her to use to sop up any manic fan moisture she may develop during the introduction to her dream-man.
After coffee, we went for a walk to listen to the waves. Duke kept wanting to join the sea level club in the parking lot- but I knew that was a bad idea and no sooner than I had my skirt raised for Duke to take a photo-(I'll save myself the embarrassment of uploading that) the police drove by. Just like the old days- using a brush with the law to get the adrenaline pumping. It was time for a drink-

Soon, our friends arrived and then the opening band showed up on stage. They were called The Hairbrain Scheme. Their music wasn't all that interesting to me, but I did enjoy the stage show.

The guy in the pink suit was (of course) my favorite. He jumped off the stage many times, and once I got down "buffoon dancing" with him. If you don't know what "buffoon dancing" is well, perhaps in the future I will learn how to upload video and share this wonderful phenomenon with the world. Rick calls it "creeping" as in, "Why do you dance like that?" "Because I'm a CREEP!"
For now, just know that the object of buffoon dancing is to dance as oddly as possible, yet try to look like you're serious. Creative interpretive dance, my dancing was in fact a hairbrain scheme. Just like wearing these costumes without the benefit of a stage sock.After the first band, it was quiet enough to properly introduce Danielle to Angie, and then go back stage to introduce Angie to Dave.
I have never met Dave Wakeling before, and the last time I saw the English Beat was when I was about 15. I must say he is a very kind guy who you feel friendly towards immediately. He was kind enough to sign Angie's English Beat Shirt (He wrote- "Just this and heels") which made her need that sponge Duke had me bring.

Then he posed for 2 photos- he looked funny in one and Angie looked funny in the other, so he said- let's take another, now that we had practice-
Angie is so happy. I did notice that Dave actually looks like Angie's husband Rob. I suppose that makes Dave her "type" or she is acting out a weird fantasy by marring Rob. Kind of like if Duke looked like Uma- I would have the best of both worlds.
I like Dave's guitar that looks like a giant sperm. I like that now that I've met him, I will refer to him on a first name basis, as if we have been friends forever. Towards the end of the show, Dave announced that he likes to collect money for Smile Train. For only 250.00 they can repair cleft lips & cleft palates
I was glad that he collected money for a good cause- but being that I am the most selfish person I know, I couldn't help but wish he was taking a collection for ME- who here in aMErica had to spend $150.00 just to get antibiotics for my son.... and I have medical insurance!

Dave did say he loved being on stage with people throwing money at him, and I wondered if he was going to rip off his pants and start gyrating on stage- Angie would have passed out on the spot.

We danced and danced and had tons of fun, except this one guy kept pushing into us and invading our space. I realise that when you are at a show and everyone is crowded to the front, there is limited "personal space" but even slam pits/ mosh pits/ dance pits have their rules of etiquette and he was in violation! He turned it into more of a grope pit.
We continued to dance in spite of his need to do this squatting wiggle very near our bums. At one point the husbands started to think that they would have to escort him away from the wives. Then he turned around and started dancing with Rob in the same manner he had danced with the women! Rob was pretty bummed about that and left the dance floor. I told the guy to get the hell away from us and Danielle demanded that I not get in a fight. Okay, who am I to start a fist fight with a guy while Dave is taking money for charity and singing about opening the doors of your heart and all that.
Eventually girls started to get up on stage and dance. I knew Angie needed to be up there to have her photo taken but she was just being too shy... (Not enough rum I suspect). I asked Danielle if she would get up with her and Danielle was a bit shy too, so... that left me to drag them up. Okay, The old women take over the stage, and the benefit was not only having Angie's photo taken, but we no longer had to be fondled by cap guy.

We look pretty good up there, if I do say so myself.....

Angie was all smiles as she held her sponge...Then she had a dance with her husband Rob who definitely seemed to enjoy that more than dancing with cap guy.

A good time was had by all and I recommend going to see bands at the Malibu Inn and seeing Dave whenever you can.


Four Scotts said...

Although my friend KP assures me that no one reads this, maybe I can share a little bit of my joy with her. Why? Because she deserves it!

For more years than I care to count, I have LOVED Dave Wakeling! Why? well I can't really say, just that I have and do... probably because he is such a nice guy - how can you not love someone who worked for Green Peace? Did you "all" know that while he was on hiatus from his music career he did that?

So anyway, one day while talking my dearest friend KPness, said how much I loved the English Beat show I had gone to. She says something to the effect of "oh - did you see my friends Danielle and Rog there?" - well, no - I was only looking at Dave... SO: after 2 or 3 times of this happening it occurs to me to ask her: "HEY! is it just coincidence (?sp) that you have 2 sets of friends that really dig the English Beat?" to my great astonishment and pleasure her reply was: "Oh - Danielle and Rog KNOW Dave Wakeling!" - OH MY GAWD I THOUGHT I WOULD DIE ON THE SPOT! SO: after much arranging and re-arranging and a very long wait (seemed an eternity to me, but was probably only really about a year or so) it FINALLY happened that all of us were able to go to a show so Danielle could introduce me to Dave Wakeling. WOW! So I met him, and now my life is complete!

After I met him: I SWEAR that I did not realize that my husband and Dave Wakeling look VERY similar. I have wondered many times: "why do I love Rob?" - Oh come ON - all married people have wondered why they love thier spouses at least once! - ANYWAY... apparantly deep down, I was looking for Dave and found a substitute - lucky for me that he's also a nice guy and loves me very much...

SO: now that KPness has troubled herself to make one of my fantasies come true, I am on a quest: KP MUST meet Tommy Lee, Johnny Depp, or both - can anyone out there help me help her?

Now I should really go back to work before I get busted...

webvira said...

Dave Wakeling? YES..HOOOOOTTTT!!!!