Death, Disertion, Divorce

My parents didn't get divorced till I was 18 years old (although I often wished they had much sooner). Still, whenever I hear the song "Stay together for the kids" by BLINK 182 I cry, or now, after years of hearing that song, I am able to at least push back the tears. I don't know why exactly that song affects me so much, but it does.

Thank you to all the parents that wait to have kids until you are ready.

Thanks to those who do their best to work things out.

Thanks to those who know when it's time to give up.

I know, it's wrong; but the secret punk rock shock value guilt trip kid that lives inside me wants so badly for my boy to perform this song at the elementary school talent show, just so I can see if anyone else cries too.... But I wont.. don't worry.

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V.DUB said...

Ok so I have secretly been a fan of blink 182 for a long time I always thought my punk rock friends would make fun of me for liking them. But still till this day lots of there songs are still in heavy rotation on my playlist. That song and many other get me to tears all the time..I am glad to hear I am not the only one.