Ridiculous Family Fun Day

The Promised land...Who would have known that it was only an hour and a half away? This right handed kidney pool is so good for skating, it's ridiculous- hence the name "The Ridiculous Pool" **

What's truly ridiculous is how Duke can grind the coping above the stairs-
Chris had no problem hitting tile-

But he was much more determined to master his air over the hip:

Here is our family- deep in Ridiculous- we are at home and quite comfortable here:

thanks to our buddies....

** I did NOT make either one of these you tube videos- I'm just NOT that clever.


Anonymous said...

This is sooo psychic. Little B and I were thinking and speaking of you and yours today because we at the farmer's market next door to the skate park that we all went to together and then look..... skating. Hee hee.

webvira said...

The bucket vid is hilarious. Been thinking 'bout you lately. Looks like things are good.. love it!