Farmers Market

I had to stop off at the Children's Place Store next to Farmers Market on Fairfax a few weeks ago. I called my friend Nancy who said "Make sure you go into the actual farmers market". Well, I try to live my life with the Motto W.W.N.D. (What would Nancy do?) so, Chris and I went in.
I've lived in L.A. for 40 years, I've never been to the farmers market as far as I can remember. The only thing sadder than that is my poor neglected son, already 9 years old, had never experienced Funnel Cake before!

Problem solved:

He loved it!
I liked the farmers market- anyplace that has marzipan pigs is alright by me....

Anyplace that has two different styles of Marzipan Pigs is my new favorite place!

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