To my Niece

Princess Bean-
You have a giant 20 foot golden aura. You glow and sparkle and hum. You are wise and old and inspired and young.
You are at a brilliant point in your life. The time where you can do such good in the world; devise a plan to make great impact. Unfortunately it happens around this time in a young lady's life they flounder- They involve themselves in the constant search for male attention, or seeking approval of other females in groups or cliques- or drugs.
The Damn Drugs....
Somehow, my dear Sabrina, I know you are going to forgo all those useless distractions and spend your time doing something amazing.
I believe in you. I feel your magic and you don't have to give it away or let anyone or anything chip it away.
If you have a brilliant idea to make millions- I'll invest. If you have a need to get away, I'll drive.
I have hope in the world when I see you. I have such excitement for you when I think of the wonderful life you have ahead of you. How wonderful my life would have been if I had your wisdom at your age.
Thank you for letting me know you, and for being my friend.
Uncle Karen