The little Mermaids

More Not So Random Acts of Fun-Ness
So, for a while we were toy tagging, and that was lots of fun, but eventually we ran out of toys.
So I purchased little plastic animals and began using them; hiding them in purses, in bar bathrooms, in cars- everywhere and anywhere. When you listen to the recording of "All the Grown ups" at the Good Hurt, you can hear people in the background saying "I got a chicken, I got a Pig!" I hid them in the ice cream section of the grocery store. The joy of secretly giving; My Not so random acts of kindness. But eventually we ran out of the little plastic animals.
We also had lots of fun with John McCain, and many of you enjoyed checking in to see where he showed up. But people didn't get to keep John, they just got to live vicariously through him so it wasn't like sharing little gifts with the world....we were just sharing bits of our world with others.
So- I got mermaids. Little plastic mermaids. They are to assist in identifying drinks when you have more than 2 people in a room drinking (like those clever little wine charms) but these are clever little mermaids.
So far the mermaids have come with me to see the Meat Puppets:
(That little orange speck on the mike stand is a mermaid.)
And this little green mermaid got left on the toilet seat covers at the L.A. Zoo:

I had 60 mermaids to share with the world, I'm down to less than a dozen. Let us know if you find one.

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